Friday, June 3, 2011

Grilled Asparagus

When we first moved to the Nashville area it was such a fast move that we ended up renting out our house in Georgia and getting an apartment. Three years later, we are still in said apartment. I'm sure know, that Mr. Bites is getting very tired of my constant whining, crying, and flat out bitching about not having enough space and serious lack of kitchen. I'm serious, the kitchen in this place is about the size of our so called walk-in closet, and to an avid baker and food blogger, it's my own personal hell. I won't go into detail about how I only have 3 drawers and 4 full size cabinets and 4 half sized and how I have a majority of my favorite kitchen stuff in storage because I simply have no room. I'll stop right there, like I said, I won't go into detail.

But one of the really crappy things about living in an apartment is that we don't get to grill. We miss grilling like crazy, so every time we go to my Mom's or to the in-laws', we always try to grill out. A couple of weeks ago we grilled some asparagus and it was great. It's so simple, just marinate the asparagus in Greek dressing and then grill. We like to use Ken's Steakhouse Greek Dressing, but I'm sure you can use any Greek or Italian dressing that you like.

Here is what we do for...

Grilled Asparagus

1lb asparagus
1 bottle of Greek dressing
Ground black pepper

Wash and trim asparagus. Put in Ziploc bag and sprinkle with ground black pepper. Then pour in enough dressing to cover the asparagus completely (that usually ends up being about 1/2 a bottle for us). Seal the Ziploc bag and refrigerate for at least 2 hours.

Once asparagus is marinated, place them on a hot grill so that they will not fall between the grates. Grill on high for about 5 minutes, turning them every now and then so they cook evenly. We like them al dente, so we don't go over 5 minutes.


  1. That sounds like the size of my kitchen and I have a house! And lots of storage furniture. :)

  2. Grilled asparagus is so good! I don't have a grill so I either grill it in my grill pan on the stove or in my panini grill! I never thought about marinating in dressing. I usually just do salt, pepper, olive oil, and sprinkle on some feta. I bet the Greek dressing would take it up a notch!

  3. This is my favorite way to eat(and prepare) asparagus! So good! You have so many great treats on your blog!

  4. this is always the way we make asparagus, too - by grilling it. i usually marinate it in a bit of olive oil, lemon juice, salt + pepper, but this version looks like a nice change -- will have to try it!


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