Thursday, April 21, 2011

Mini Egg Brownies

I LOVE Cadbury Mini Eggs. I always get excited when I walk into Target and see that beautiful purple bag full of sweet chocolaty goodness. Problem is, I love them too much. In the past, it was such a problem that I've had to have the bag hidden from me. My mother, my college roommate and my husband have had to take responsibility into their own hands and hide them. It's sad, but true. I knew my addiction was getting better when one year my husband hid them from me and I did not find them until Christmas. Don't worry, I didn't eat them, I'm not that hard core of a mini egg junkie.

Actually, it's been a year or more since I've had some mini eggs. I did, however, buy a bag this year and I'm glad I did. After a stressful couple of days due to car trouble, I needed something chocolaty. I had a box of brownie mix and a bag of mini eggs and I thought why not put the two together. Plus, I got some good stress relief by crushing up the mini eggs. 

Here's what I did:
I mixed the brownies according to the directions on the box. I crushed enough mini eggs to make around 1 cup and then I sprinkled the mini eggs onto the brownie batter. I then baked them according to the directions on the box. (Rocket science, I know).



  1. I haven't bought any in years, but God help me if I see them at the after-Easter sales. :)

  2. Now if I could just find a store that isn't sold out of mini eggs!

  3. Your blog is so pretty and your recipes are amazing!! Consider me your newest follower! :)


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